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A Little Thunder™ Humbucker

A Little Thunder™ is a new electric guitar replacement humbucker that gives guitarists the ability to play guitar and bass together or separately. Each of the two pickups in A Little Thunder™ can operate independently. A Little Thunder™ uses DSP, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), and a unique third method to process the organic signal to produce the bass sound.

Saritasa provided full source systems engineering services through the conceptual and prototyping phases for A Little Thunder™. We provided services to assist the client in structuring the research and development processes, and played an advisory role in choosing custom and off-the-shelf parts. The custom electronic humbucker device and DSP firmware were created in close partnership with the client to deliver a production-ready product for the client to hand-off to their chosen manufacturer.

Key Features

  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Firmware: To measure, filter and compress continuous analog signals.
  • Systems Engineering: Designed and managed the engineering systems through the development life cycle.
  • Algorithm Development: Perfected the pitch shifting DSP algorithm to deliver the best quality sound.
  • CODEC Interfacing: Implementation of CODEC for decoding digital data streams of audio.
  • Battery Design: Lithium battery, charging system, and power management system for maximum battery life.
  • Prototype Development: Tested various electronics and mountings options to deliver the best end product.