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Saritasa announces completion of development on Ambit, built for Maxxess Systems, to provide security, access, emergency and employee tracking solutions for companies worldwide.


  • Programming Languages: Developed with AngularJS, HTML, and CSS programming languages.
  • Custom Framework: The Ambit system leverages a Web Sockets connection that allows for updates to happen in real-time. Saritasa consulted with the client on how to set up this Web Sockets server to allow incoming events to be pushed through with minimal bandwidth.
  • Custom Branding & Design: Saritasa designers worked with the client to create a strong brand image through design elements, logos, etc. The Ambit system is complicated, yet the user interface is easy to understand without a tutorial, thanks to state-of-the-art design.
  • Real-Time Activity: Ambit allows organizations to interact with, monitor and assist all their employees regardless of location. If there is an earthquake and one of your organization's sites/offices is affected, Ambit provides tools for assisting with recovery and status of your employees in real-time. All Ambit activity happens in real-time and with minimal bandwidth constraint.