Blue Sky Communications WordPress Website
Blue Sky Communications: Content Management System

Blue Sky Website & CMS

Saritasa is pleased to announce development of the Blue Sky Communications Website. Blue Sky Communications is a professional services company serving the wireless telecommunications industry. This client came to Saritasa with the need for a new WordPress website with a custom theme and design.


  • Responsive Design: Saritasa developers implemented best practices in developing a website that maintains responsive web design. Responsive design is an approach that aims at creating an optimal viewing experience for users. Minimum resizing and navigation leads to easier reading across a broad wide range of devices (from mobile phones, to desktop computers to laptops). Saritasa’s team optimized the Blue Sky website with the responsive design approach so it can be accessed from any device, anywhere.
  • Custom WordPress Development: Our team of developers created a custom website design that maintained a high level of professionalism while also promoting the aesthetics of the industry. With the levels of technicality within this industry, Blue Sky still wanted to maintain an attractive website that is enjoyable to visit. Saritasa’s design team created and customized an animation on the homepage of the website that has a unique look and sets the website apart from others in the industry. The theme and layout of the website remains clean and easy to navigate so users can find exactly what they’re looking for on the homepage.
  • Content Management System (CMS): Blue Sky offers various services within the wireless telecommunications industry, and needed a CMS with the capabilities to add and edit material, graphics, and video whenever an update was necessary. A customized WordPress solution was implemented for the management of all Blue Sky material online. WordPress has been a very functional content management system for Blue Sky and serves to store documents, control revising of these documents, and monitoring the publishing of any content.

Blue Sky Communications is an industry leader in wireless telecommunication installation, and we are proud that the presentation of their new website aligns perfectly with those credentials.