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BreVve Website & App

The BreVve Website and iPhone App, developed for DynamiteBrain, Inc., is a new contact management system designed to more efficiently organize information for business and personal connections. The management system shares, stores and spreads correspondences across web and mobile platforms while giving users more privacy and control.

Saritasa web developers built the BreVve Website using the open-source LAMP development platform. The BreVve iPhone App was developed by our team of skilled mobile developers using Apple’s Native iOS SDK.


  • Contact Management: Access and organize contacts from multiple sources using the BreVve Website and iPhone content management system. Browse email accounts like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and more to see which associates or relatives use OneCarde™, and decide whether to sync details. BreVve also provides a small, focused news feed to see when friends or associates join, so users can request to sync contact details immediately.
  • Privacy Categories: The BreVve Website and iPhone App offers multiple privacy settings to best fit the type of contact, with the option to assign contacts to a Friends, Acquaintance or Business category. Users delegate which personal details are shared within each category, including only the preferred information to display to such contacts.
  • Data Exchange: The BreVve system creates the opportunity for users to exchange data between iPhones by physically bumping the two phones together. The action transfers the contact information as a virtual card to be saved into the system.
  • Cloud Storage: The BreVve Website and iPhone App stores all contact information in the cloud, saving changed details to both the application and website. The smart system will even eliminate duplicates that it detects in numbers or addresses, helping to dispose of unnecessary contact logs with the same information.