Crossing Guard Android App
Crossing Guard GPS Tracking

Crossing Guard Android App

Saritasa announces its’ development of the Crossing Guard Android App! Crossing Guard assists school district supervisors with assigning and managing crossing guard shifts at various schools throughout a district.


  • Backend LAMP Development; Our team of developers designed and created the backend PHP website using LAMP technology. The backend users consist of administrators who have full access, and supervisors who can add guards and assign shifts.
  • User Interface; The primary demographic for Crossing Guard are older users who are not highly experienced with advanced technology. Therefore, the client wanted the app to showcase a simple user interface for easy navigation.
  • Bootstrap Template; A Bootstrap template was implemented to access the easy "Drag and Drop" feature. This made the components of the backend website easy to understand and use for administrators and supervisors.
  • GPS Location Technology; Crossing Guard implements GPS Location technology in order to keep track of where the guards are when they check in for their shift. Supervisors know how far from the school crossing guards are, and at what time. This feature assist in logging late shifts and keeping all employees accountable for their schedules.

The App is for use by Employees of ACMS School Crossing Guards. The Android App can be viewed on Google Play.