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Diet Free Life App

Saritasa is pleased to announce its’ development of the Diet Free Life App for Android and iOS devices. The Diet Free Life App prompts users throughout the day when to eat meals and snacks in order to maintain a healthy, fat-burning mode throughout the day. The app also tracks sleep and exercise patterns for personalized, effective weight loss.


  • Simplified Interface: Saritasa developers used both Objective C & Java programming languages to create an interface that is easy to use effectively for both iOS and Android users.
  • HTML5 Wrapper: Used for both Android and iOS apps to create a feature-rich web-based application with easy updating and logical functionality.
  • Urban Airship & Push Notifications: Used in place of Apple & Google Play PNS to simplify notification settings and management for administrators.
  • App Alerts: Push notifications are sent to users throughout the day to remind them when to eat. They log their meals, snacks, water intake and exercise regimen in the app.
  • Point-Based System: Users have 100 points at the beginning of every day. If they miss a meal, snack or exercise segment, they lose 5 points. They are also prompted at the end of the day to answer if they drank at least 8 glasses of water. The goal of the point-based system is to lose weight in a healthy way, by keeping metabolism up and eating at the correctly timed intervals without having to diet.

Diet Free Life App is designed to keep people informed on the fastest and most effective ways to reach their weight loss goals. The app is available for download from the AppStore or Google Play.