Fantasy Suite Web & App Development
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Fantasy Suite: Push Notifications
Fantasy Suite: News Source Integration

Fantasy Suite Website & Apps

Saritasa is pleased to announce the completion of design and development on the Fantasy Suite website and mobile application for iPhone and Android devices. Fantasy Suite pulls all informational data from both Yahoo! Fantasy Football and into a single application. Fantasy Suite allows users to follow and keep track of weekly scores for their favorite teams and players.


  • API Integration: Application program interface (API) integration from Yahoo! Fantasy Football and to aggregate the statistics and informational data into Fantasy Suite.
  • News Source Integration: 9 RSS sports news feeds and an XML feed from RotoWire were integrated into Fantasy Suite allowing for real-time updates about players and teams from the most trusted sources. In addition, 60 unique Twitter handles from Fantasy Football experts sharing their opinions on players, updates, and other breaking news were integrated.
  • Push Notifications Feature: Convenient push notifications in the mobile app alert users when one of their players scores, gets points, or sustains an injury without the need to log into their accounts.