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FantasyAces iOS App & Website

FantasyAces, LLC turned to Saritasa to build an iOS application for iPhone and iPad devices comparable to or better than the apps offered by their competitors, FanDuel and DraftKings. Saritasa provided business consulting, planning and development services resulting in a robust iOS application offering several fresh new features not available on other apps.


  • App Wireframing & Design: Our UX/UI experts mapped out a beautifully designed app that is both user-friendly and feature-rich.
  • iOS Development: The FantasyAces app was developed using Objective-C, Apple's native programming language, to take full advantage of iOS device features and ensure optimal performance.
  • API Development & Integration: The FantasyAces legacy PHP system was refactored to support a new, custom API that integrates with the iOS application to deliver sports data in "real-time".
  • API Documentation & Technical Consultation: We wrote detailed documentation that provides full transparency into how we built the API and how a developer can integrate against these services. This documentation allows the FantasyAces team to eventually take over development with minimal overhead, and reduces the overall cost for development in future stages.
  • Website Maintenance: Additional ongoing web development services are provided to help maintain the FantasyAces website health, security and performance.