Global Lotto App for Mobile Lottery Results
Global Lotto App for Android & iOS Devices

Global Lotto App

Saritasa announces the completion of development on the Global Lotto app. Built for Android and iOS devices, the Global Lotto app is a revolutionary way to play the California lottery! The client's goal in creating Global Lotto was to provide people with a simple and efficient way to participate in both past and current lotteries from a single application.

Global Lotto is now available for download on iTunes and Google Play.


  • Mobile Lottery Results: The process is simple. Users who have bought a California lottery ticket can download the application, enter their lottery numbers and drawing dates, and Global Lotto will reveal if they've won any money or not.
  • PHP Web Service: Saritasa’s development team created a PHP web service that automatically downloads Lottery Drawing data from the California Lottery public website every time someone uses the Global Lotto app. With this custom web service, the app will always provide the most recent and accurate drawing results. Global Lotto also stores all data from past drawings in case users who have an old lotto ticket lying around!
  • Native Development: Global Lotto iOS app was developed using Objective C, Apple’s Native iOS programming language. Java, Android's native programming language, was used for the Global Lotto Android app. The user interface development goals were to create a clean, user-friendly app with robust data pulling capabilities. The age demographic of Global Lotto is vast; creating an app that is easy to use for all ages was a top priority throughout the development process.
  • Professional Design: Saritasa’s design team played a key role in the development of Global Lotto creating custom wireframes and designs for each screen in the application. Our designers worked with the client to create the app logo and develope the unique branding.