IoT Portable Message Sign System

The Saritasa team designed and developed a powerful IoT asset management and remote diagnostics cloud based solution for National Signal, Inc. The IoT Portable Message Sign System enables National Signal customers to remotely track physical assets, manage sign messages and obtain diagnostics information for their portable signs and message boards.

The Saritasa engineering team developed custom firmware to connect a cellular gateway to the existing board controller that is also fully NTCIP compliant to meet Department of Transportation requirements.

The AT&T M2X time-series data storage is used to securely and efficiently manage sensor and asset data.

The End-To-End IoT Solution Includes:

  • Integration into existing hardware CPU.
  • Custom firmware using the NTCIP communications protocol.
  • Cloud integration into AT&T M2X.
  • Custom development of a cloud-based asset management system.
  • Ongoing support, maintenance and feature enhancement.