Waterway Plastics IoT Spa App for Android & iOS Devices
IoT Spa App to Manage Spa Features

IoT Spa App

The IoT Spa App is a remote control for Waterway Plastics Spas, and is a cross-platform app built for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows spa owners to manage their hot tub features such as water temperature, lighting, and jets from anywhere in the world.

Saritasa software, mobile and user experience team developed:

  • Cross-platform IoT Spa App for iOS and Android using HTML5 programming language to save on development time and costs.
  • A unique and simplified user experience for connecting the Spa to the home owners WiFi. The result is a setup process for the spa app that is quicker than most IoT products on the market today.

Saritasa software, hardware and firmware engineers developed:

  • Firmware to connect to the Spa control board.
  • Custom bootloader to remotely update firmware.
  • Custom API for registering and authenticating customers.
  • Real-time PubNub messaging proxy integration.