iPayd for Merchants
iPayd iOS App

iPayd iOS App &
Content Management System

Saritasa is proud to announce development of the iPayd iOS App and SaaS Content Management System (CMS). The iPayd application simplifies the restaurant experience and provides benefits for both consumers and merchants. Consumers can easily search venues with maps and location information, place orders in advance, split the bill with their party, add a tip, and pay -- all through the iPayd app! The iPayd app integrates with iPayd Metrics™, the customer management tool for merchants, allowing participating businesses to deliver incentives directly to consumers through the app, provide better customer service, and more. Visit the iPayd website for additional information.


  • Native Development: The iPayd iOS application was built using Apple's native iOS programming language, Objective C.
  • POS Integration: iPayd is fully integrated with the point of sale (POS) systems of participating merchants allowing users to open tabs and place orders, close their tabs, split the bill with their group, add tips and pay their bill directly from their phones.
  • Multiple Currencies: iPayd was developed with global expansion in mind and supports multiple currencies. Currently iPayd is available in both the United States and the United Kingdom, supporting both US and UK currency. Expansion into Hong Kong and many other places worldwide is in the works.
  • SaaS Content Management System: SaaS content management system development was provided to deliver a CMS segmented into two main levels. The first level is for the iPayd company administrators to create and manage new restaurant accounts. The second level allows restaurant administrators to access and manage their iPayd accounts.

The iPayd iOS app is available in the iTunes Store today, and an Android application will be coming soon.