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IronLinks SaaS App & CMS

Saritasa announces completion of development on the IronLinks App, a SaaS mobile application for iOS and Android devices and Content Management System (CMS). IronLinks is dedicated to country clubs nationwide and provides administrators with the tools to manage club members’ accounts, custom content, and events. Club members can access an organized system that keeps them connected in real-time to their country club. IronLinks was built utilizing the Conference Connector SaaS development framework built by Saritasa developers.

IronLinks is available for download in the iTunes Store and on Google Play.


  • SaaS Development: IronLinks was built using Conference Connector SaaS development. This application utilizes a cloud-based content management system to centralize and develop conference gatherings and events. The customization and white label features offered within Conference Connector were ideal for IronLinks because they are fully configurable and can be updated in real-time.
  • Components & Modular Design: The goals behind the development of IronLinks were to provide members with access to club resources like events, member lists, rules, etc. Administrators can select the categories desired for each club; having full customization options is one of the most desirable features of the IronLink application. Any and all branding is possible. Fully customizable, the modular design of the app grants admin the creative freedom to design logos, images, color schemes and more; all while maintaining the branding members have grown accustomed to recognizing whenever they’re at the country club. Members can access tournament schedules, guest policies, rosters, dining schedules and much more, right at their fingertips.
  • Content Management System: Using a web-based content management system provides convenient and efficient editing for country club administrators. They can update content, send reminders and push notifications in real-time to members. The application is password protected so only members can access the information within the app.

For companies who don’t have a large budget for custom mobile application development, Conference Connector is the answer. Conference Connector allows you to create white label applications for events, conferences, and any other type of function or organization. In doing so, country clubs can save their budget for what really matters - keeping their members happy and informed on the latest events.