Pulse Tread iOS App
PulseTread iOS Fitness App

PulseTread iOS App & Content Management System

The PulseTread Fitness App, developed for PulseTread, LLC by Saritasa developers, is an innovative subscription service that users receive on their Smartphones. The app provides 30-minute cardio workouts that can be completed at any time during the day. The PulseTread iOS App is revolutionizing the way people work out. The app serves as a reminder of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, while simultaneously providing professional fitness instruction. The workouts can be downloaded for $0.99 per day or a monthly subscription can be purchased for $4.99.


  • Programming: Developers implemented Objective C, Apple’s native iOS programming language throughout development.
  • User Interface: The goal of UX was to create a functional mobile app that encourages and motivates consumers to become active through a daily subscription. Users can select music from their iPhone Library and start their workout anytime.
  • Subscription Service: Saritasa iOS developers created the mobile application with capabilities of sending daily workouts to the users who have purchased the subscription.
  • Content Management System (CMS): PulseTread operates with a Content Management System, where administrators on the backend can log in, create new content, update workout content, as well as edit and remove content as desired.