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Saritasa announces development of the RxPrep eCommcerce Site and Mobile Application for Android and iOS devices. RxPrep is a top-rated NAPLEX® Board Review program, offering pharmacy students worldwide top-level review courses for all licensure exams in the industry. This client needed a highly skilled development team to optimize their website’s functionality and design, and to provide ongoing technical support for their e-Commerce store. A feature-rich, user friendly application was needed to allow RxPrep students to access course materials from mobile devices.


  • LAMP Development & User Interface: The RxPrep website was developed utilizing the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) open source software bundle to create an efficient user interface (UI) and secure backend management.
  • Content Management System (CMS): A custom, scalable CMS was developed to provide efficient workflow solutions for website content management for the RxPrep team.
  • Self-Healing Cloud Infrastructure; Saritasa built a self-healing cloud infrastructure (H/A, F/T) on Amazon AWS to detect when there are server operation errors or excessive load due to high traffic resulting in bigger latency. Necessary adjustments are made automatically to restore system performance/latency, saving RxPrep both time and money on maintenance.
  • Account Management Tool: A complex account management tool was built integrated with the RxPrep CMS to allow very granular, secure access for end users.
  • Disabled Double Logins: To protect both RxPrep's business model and their customers, double logins are disabled to prevent users from sharing login credentials.
  • B2B Module: A B2B module was developed to allow RxPrep’s business clients to open accounts and form their own privately controlled groups. Employers and schools can import student lists, grant students access to predetermined content, and create customized tests for their students using RxPrep's content.
  • Amazon Fulfillment Center Integration: The RxPrep custom built eCommerce store is fully integrated with Amazon to facilitate secure product sales, fulfillment, and tracking.
  • Test Survey Modules: The test survey modules were designed to provide students with comprehensive timed and un-timed sample tests. RxPrep is currently using these tests to perform controlled remote tests at universities nationwide.
  • Cross-Platform Application Development; The mobile application was built to provide end users with a cohesive and universal product experience on their platform of choice whether desktops, Android, or iOS devices.
  • Portable Offline Access: Our developers integrated offline content access into the mobile app to allow for offline video playback and content downloads increasing usability and demand for RxPrep products.
  • Streaming on Desktop & Mobile Devices: Intelligent solutions were implemented to allow RxPrep administrators to manage and publish video content on demand and without the need for technical knowledge. The RxPrep videos were transcoded and segmented to different audio/video codes supported by different operating systems. Videos were also deployed in the content delivery network for faster access. Currently RxPrep streams video to iOS, Android, and web devices utilizing HLS, RTMP, RTSP protocols.
  • High Traffic Performance Optimization: RxPrep serves a massive amount of daily traffic, our developers tuned out the API/DB layers to guarantee faster response times for content access, test submissions, and streaming videos through the website or mobile applications.
  • DRM PlayReady; RxPrep will soon include DRM PlayReady software enabling content consumption on browsers and mobile applications, while simultaneously providing strong security solutions to iOS, Android, and Linux platforms.