SWiiF iOS App Development
Filter Social Content with the SWiiF App

SWiiF™ iOS App, Website & Content Management System

Saritasa provided development for the SWiiF™ iOS App, Website and Content Management System (CMS). SWiiF™ is a social media organizational tool that changes the way users view and interact on their favorite social media platforms. Gone are the days when users have to constantly switch between social media applications for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to catch up on the latest updates. With SWiiF™, users can see and manage it all in one place.


  • Control Your Feed: With SWiiF™, users can choose to filter between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Options to filter include viewing only photos, video, or text, or any combination of content for all three platforms.
  • Programming Languages: SWiiF™ was developed with Objective-C, Apple’s native iOS programming language. The mobile app is currently available for download on both iPhones and iPads.
  • User Interface: The user interface was designed to be easy to use, functional, and efficient. Saritasa’s team also developed a photo editor with over 140 features -- all free within the app.
  • Content Management System: The SWiiF™ marketing website was updated with a user-friendly content management system for easy administrator access and website maintenance.
  • Professional Design: Our team of professional web designers worked with SWiiF™ to update their logo and revamp their branding through dynamic design.
  • Features to Come: SWiiF™ plans to provide a 'Notifications' feature in an upcoming update, followed with new functionality to allow users to comment directly to Instagram using the SWiiF™ app.

Download the SWiiF™ iOS App, today and take back control of your social media feeds with ease.