Custom Development by Saritasa
Custom Development by Saritasa

TheGoLog iPhone App

Saritasa partnered with XMR Enterprises, Inc. to develop TheGoLog, the new child custody and support payment tracking app designed for single parents. TheGoLog application assists parents with keeping track of and reporting on the important details related to their shared child custody case.

TheGoLog is now available for download in the iTunes Store.


  • Documentation: TheGoLog app provides users with an easy and convenient way to record child care expenses such as medical, school, daycare, and support payments.
  • User Interface: TheGoLog was developed with a professional clean design and a user-friendly interface making all of the app's features accessible and easy to use.
  • Programming; Using Objective C, TheGoLog was developed as a native application to take full advantage of iOS device features, provide the convenience of offline access, and ensure performance.
  • Reporting: Secure data storage, segmentation and reporting functionality was built into the application. Users can generate PDF reports based on selected parameters and email or print the reports from within the app.