Vantage Vector iPad App
Vantage Vector: Radar Zone Configuration
Vantage Vector: Remote Management

Vantage Vector™ iPad App

Vantage Vector™ is an advanced roadway detection sensor product, created by Iteris, which combines complex algorithmic software and high precision camera and radar capabilities to capture intersection traffic data for use by traffic managers. Saritasa iOS developers was tasked with building an iPad application for Vantage Vector™ to provide traffic managers with ease of access and remote management capability.


  • Integration with Vantage Vector™: The Vantage Vector iPad app utilizes the existing Iteris application programming interface (API) to fully integrate with the Vantage Vector™ roadside cabinet and sensor through secured wi-fi connectivity.
  • Radar Zone Configuration: Vantage Vector™ uses enhanced video field view and radar sensing to monitor traffic data in user-configurable detection zones. The Vantage Vector iPad app incorporates the familiar Iteris radar graphical-user-interface (GUI) to configure radar detection zones.
  • Remote Management: Traffic managers can adjust video settings including camera focus and angle position, and remotely view video of radar detection zones with ease from within the mobile application.
  • Application Tools: Traffic managers can label sensors and create new passwords, and download firmware upgrades from within the Tools section of the Vantage Vector iPad app.

A truly breakthrough application, the Vantage Vector iPad app showcases advanced, robust features.

“There is real excitement within the industry due to the iPad, we are the first in traffic management to incorporate it,” said Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering, who further commented on the work improvement seen with the user-friendly iPad compared to previous systems. “Our experience (with Saritasa) has been really great from initial contact to completion. The team understood development ideas quickly and were very responsive and on top of the tasks.”

- Michael Whiting, Iteris Director of Engineering