What's My Picture App Development
What's My Picture: Multi-Game Options

What's My Picture App

Saritasa, LLC announces the release of the What’s My Picture application built for Android and iPhone devices. What’s My Picture is a photo sharing, social app that lets user’s challenge friends in an exciting guessing game of images. The mobile application allows users to take a picture, or access an existing album, then share it with a friend who will attempt to correctly guess the photo’s challenge word.

If you like Snapchat, then you will LOVE What’s My Picture. It is a photo sharing, game making, social app all in one. What’s My Picture extends beyond just sending a picture, this social app is a new form of social communication that creates instant entertainment for both parties, acting as a modern age guessing game that can be silly or serious.


  • Facebook Integration: Our expert team of mobile developers integrated Facebook’s application programming interface (API) to allow users the option of logging into Facebook to instantly create a game username and profile image. Additionally, challengers who are linked to Facebook and correctly guess an image have the option to upload the picture directly to their Facebook timeline.
  • Utilizes Smartphone Features; The What’s My Picture App utilizes smartphone features and mobility to snap a picture of anything, anywhere, or access the device’s photo album to start a game with friends. Push notifications are sent to the user’s device when a challenger has interacted within the game.
  • Multi-Game Options: What’s My Picture can be played with multiple friends at the same time, simply scroll through the list of active or previous games, or invite friends via email or Facebook.
  • Purchase Hints: If a user is unable to figure out a challenge word, hints are available from a store within the app for a small fee. The hint is a tagged part of the image that will assist in uncovering the associated challenge word.

What’s My Picture iPhone and Android App was developed by Saritasa’s mobile development team for our client, Hit After Hit PTY LTD, in Apple’s Native Programming Language, Objective C, and Android’s Native Programming, Java. There are two versions of the What’s My Picture App available, a free version with 50 hints and a paid version with 500 hints. Both options are available to download in the iTunes and Google Play stores.